Sustainable crypto
mining with a
bright future.

BTC Mine Australia owns and operates real assets, including data center infrastructure, powered by
renewable energy to mine Bitcoin sustainably. Using computers powered by renewable solar energy,
we represent the future of sustainability and security in the global Bitcoin network.

Shining in crypto mining

Bitcoin mining is a profitable, high-growth industry however many miners are constrained by high-power and machinery costs which can lead to below average industry returns. Founder and Director of BTC Mine Andrew Parry, has vast expertise in the use of solar power and it’s this highly specialised knowledge which is applied to BTC’s operations using the power of the sun to run purpose-built mining machinery. By using solar power, operating costs are reduced thereby delivering a far better return on investment compared to other leading crypto miners.

Project timeline

We have a simple strategy and that is to overturn current industry inefficiencies.
We keep overheads low enabling higher profitability and consistent growth.

  • December 2021

    MW in operation
    Estimated value 42.5M

  • March 2022

    Sites signed and secured
    Estimated value 178.4M

  • June 2022

    Site negotiations finalised

    Estimated value 400M +

100% Australian owned & operated

BTC Mine has experienced significant growth in the last 12 months. Similar to a goldmine, we do not rely on the inflation or deflation of Bitcoin. We mine crypto in the Australian sun using local sites and have a strong commitment to energy efficient infrastructure and importantly  sustainable power.

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A custom-built mighty machine optimised on power, multi-coin hashing and performance

How to Mining Cryptocurrency

Unit Economics: The ZX Pro costs $13,990 and produces circa $91.73 per day gross profit. Net profit after cost of power is $84.05. By re-investing the earnings, it would facilitate the acquisition of two further machines, which would amount to profitability increasing to circa $250 per day in year two, or circa $91,000 per annum delivering a ROI multiple of 6.5.

Now is the time to invest in mining cryptocurrency.

— Tech Investor